We Are The Best Supplier from Indococo

We Are The Best Supplier from Indococo

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We provide coconut with the best quality to meet
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For us, in tegrity is the quality of having a strong ethical
principle, which followed at all times. Honesty and trust are at the core of integrity.


Commitment is our firm promise or decision to do our
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In our mutual thoughts, quality is not just about offeringa product or service that exceeds the
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Innovation means the creation, development and
implementation of new products, processes or
services with the aim of increasing efficiency.

Company Terms

We can provide document and sample into English Document.We use INCOTERMS 2023 Rules for Shipment Terms,also for payment Terms, we only use L/C at sight and T/T with down payment accoarding to agreement.

English Document

Incoterms Rules

L/C or T/T Payment Terms


Coconut meal

Coconut meal or copra is the meal remaining after extraction of oil from the dried endosperm of the coconut. Coconut meal is an important  protein supplement for  livestock in many tropical countries.

Nutritive value

It contains about 70-75% TDN, 25-30% crude protein and approximately 10% crude fibre. The oil content of coconut meal varies from 2.5-6.5%. Meals of higher oil content are being very useful in the preparation of high energy diets. However, they suffer the disadvantage of being susceptible to rancidity on storage. The protein is low in lysine and histidine and this together with the generally high fiber content limits the usage of the meal for simple stomached animals. Neither protein quality nor fibre content is limiting for ruminant animal

Specification Product

Name Detail
Used Poultry cattle feed
Moisture 13 % max
Protein 15 % min
Fat 12 % min packing & delivery
Packing 25-50kgspp – pe bag
Stuffing 19 tons 20 ” hc
Delivery time 15-20 days
Payment term tt or lc at sight
Incoterm FOB Port Tanjung Priok, Jakarta, Indonesia


High Quality Coco Peat (Coco Pith) by INDOCOCO ALAM NUSANTARA retains more water, easy to manage, provides good drainage and aeration, ensuring that roots don’t become over-watered and rot.
Our high Quality Coco Peat can be used as a growing medium for various nurseries, hydroponic crops, plant propagation, mushroom farming and bedding plants

Specification Product

Name Detail
Type High Quality
Color Brown
Packing 100 Kg/bags
Load Ability 25 MT in 40 FT


Coconut Fibre or Coir Fibre is a natural fibre that is extracted from the coconut husks. It is used in various applications such as Mattresses, Rope, Door mats, Floor mats, Brushes, Fibre pots, Fibre trays and Geo-textiles.

Specification Product

Name Detail
Type High Quality
Color Brown
Packing 100 Kg/bags
Load Ability 25 MT in 40 FT


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