About us



IDNCOCO is a privately owned business with a diversified customer base. In the beginning our business was engaged in manufacturing where we only processed coconut shell into coconut briquette charcoal. After that we expanded our production to process more product such as Coconut peat/pith and Coconut Fiber/coir. Our dedicated production and quality control teams have tirelessly worked to delivered the best quality products expected by our customers. At present our business has partner up with different region of coconut farm such as Sumatra, Java and Sulawesi.

In addressing the increasing of global warming due to natural damage gets worse, we are strongly committed to take part in reducing global warming by creating environmentally friendly products and for that purpose we committed only use 100% coconut shell charcoal as our raw material of products, where we do not need to cut tree to get our raw material.


Mission and Vision

Coconut is the valued commodity right now, and most people is familiar with its various uses. What many people don’t realize is that the production of coconut products generates a lot of waste in the form of coconut husks. In many tropical country coconut husk is rotting away or set on fire.

IDNCOCO has a mission to make raw materials out of coconut husk which will help to prevent deforestation, because less wood will be produced, giving farmer an extra income, because their waste worth money and prevent the material from slowly rotting away/set on fire, reducing pollution and climate change.

Even though IDNCOCO is a newly established business, we believe that we could be one of the best coconut waste production in Indonesia and contributing to reduce global pollution.

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