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The main product from IDNCOCO is Coconut Briquette charcoal which made from 100% Coconut shell thats bind with all natural food grade binder. Our product do not contain any filler and 100% chemical free, therefore these high quality product briquette burns cleaner. The coconut shells ensure for easy ignition, high and even heat and a longer burn time.

Our Briquette mainly used for outdoor Grilling or Barbeque(bbq) and also for smoking Shisha/Hookah. We offer our product in any shape or sizes that the customer requested. 


Product excellence

  • 100% Eco-friendly coconut shell charcoal
  • Low ash and & good ash color
  • Smokeless, Sparkless and no smell
  • Longer burning time than any other charcoal
  • No chemical addedd
  • Premium quality
  • Size and Shape can be customized 
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